The location of 3 industrial zones in Can Tho is proposed to be adjusted

Basis for CEPIZA to adjust the planning position of the above 3 industrial zones is, since the City. Can Tho has becomea first-class city directly under the Central Government, so the land price in urban districts fluctuates rapidly every year. The Can Tho Industrial Zones are located in the districts and close to residential areas and residential houses in the industrial zone planning, which increases the cost of compensation to investors, resulting in a very high rental price of land, 3 times compared to the rental prices in industrial zones in neighboring provinces. Because of its location in the district - an area with favorable socio-economic conditions, these industrial zones are not entitled to preferential corporate income tax asprescribed.

Meanwhile, currently the district of CanTho enjoys preferential corporate income tax; The land price is relatively low, only 1/3 of the urban districts, so the location of the industrial park is far away from the urban area so that the compensation cost is low, the land sublease price will be more competitive. In addition, the location of the new industrial park is located next to highways and open roads with good infrastructure, which will facilitate the circulation of goods of businesses, easier to attract investment; create conditions for rural development and direct and indirect employment creation for local laborers.

Specifically, O Mon Industrial Park (600hectares) and Bac O Mon Industrial Park (400 hectares, located in O Mondistrict) moved to a new location located along the new 922 provincial road to Thoi Lai and Co Do districts, crossing the project. Soc Trang Highway to CanTho, An Giang and Cambodia, then merge these 2 Industrial Zones to form an Industrial Park with scale of 1,000 ha. Besides, adjusting the construction site of Thot Not Industrial Park (phase 2, an area of ​​400 hectares) in ThotNot and Vinh Thanh districts, moving this industrial park in the direction ofVinh Thanh district.

According to the Department of Construction City. Can Tho, prior to the above proposal of CEPIZA, this Department has sent a dispatch to collect comments and receive the agreement of relevant departments and localities in reviewing the overall development orientation of the Industrial Park as a basis consider adjusting the planning of O Mon and Thot Not Industrial Zones according to the actual situation.

According to the Department of Construction City. Can Tho in Official Letter No. 522 / SXD-QHKT of February28, 2020 to the City People's Committee. Can Tho was signed by Mr. Mai NhuToan, Director of this Department, adjusting the O Mon Industrial Zone and the Northern O Mon Industrial Zone is consistent with the actual situation due to the changes related to transport infrastructure connection in the area countytable. The investment in the new 922 provincial road will create great advantages in inter-regional trade and create a driving force for the development of the whole region. In this area, it is conditional to connect the regional transportation system (National highways 91 and 91B, expected highways, Can Tho airport, port system in Tra Noc area), to facilitate the development of industries manufacturing, industrial, service and urban activities.

For adjustment of Thot Not Industrial Park(phase 2), Department of Construction City. Can Tho said that according to the adjustment plan of the general city plan. Can Tho has been approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 1515 / QD-TTg dated August 28, 2013, in which the planning orientation of Thot Not Industrial Park covers an area of ​​about1,530 hectares, located along Vam Cong Bridge and owner weak in Vinh Thanh district. Therefore, the content of the recommendation of CEPIZA on adjusting Thot Not Industrial Park (phase 2) to Vinh Thanh district is appropriate. However, the determination of a specific location must conform to the approvedplanning of city supply.

From the a forementioned facilities, City Construction Department Can Tho petition the City People's Committee. Can Tho agreed on the guideline and orientation to adjust the planning position of O Mon and Bac O Mon industrial zones according to the proposal of CEPIZA. Department of Construction will integrate the specific plan into the O Mon district zoning plan being prepared, consulting the Ministry of Construction asa basis for the City People's Committee to approve the O Mon district zone plan, will also update to the City Planning. Can Tho in the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050 is currently being established. As for Thot Not IndustrialPark (phase 2), the Department of Construction recommends the City People's Committee. Can Tho assigns CEPIZA to determine the specific location in accordance with the approved general plan for proposing consideration and adjustment of relevant legal documents on the planning of industrial parks according to regulations.

Before the proposal of CEPIZA, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee. Can Tho Truong Quang Hoai Nam assigned CEPIZA to coordinate with relevant departments and localities to complete the project and submit to the City People's Committee to submit to the Ministry of Planning and Investment for a local adjustment of Can Tho IZs; work with industrial park infrastructure development companies to review the overallimplementation progress of projects licensed for investment, the situation ofland lease, sublease of land in export processing zones and industrial zones inthe area city, report and propose to the City People's Committee. At the sametime, the Department of Construction was assigned to complete the city People'sCommittee's advisory documents soon and submit them to the Prime Minister for consideration and adjustment of the City general planning scheme. Can Tho to2030 and a vision to 2050 (according to the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1515/ QD / TTg of August 28, 2013).

Reportedly, the industrial zones: O Mon, North O Mon and Thot Not Industrial Park (phase 2) have been added by the Prime Minister to the planning for development of industrial parks in Vietnam by 2015 and orientation to 2020 in Official Dispatch No. 2209 / TTg-KTN of December 15, 2008
Vietnam maps showing administrative units, sources of critical raw materials and industrial zones locations.