The Government has set eight missions to improve the effectiveness of foreign investment cooperation

The Politburo passed Resolution No. 50-NQ / TW of August 20, 2019 (Resolution No. 50-NQ / TW of theXII term) on the orientation to perfect institutions and policies, improve the quality of cooperation effectiveness foreign investment to 2030 with the overall objective of "Improving the institution and policies of foreign investment cooperation with high competitiveness and international integration; meeting the requirements of renewing the growth model, and restructure the economy, protect the environment, solve social problems well, improve productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy existing in building, perfecting and organizing the implementation of institutions and policies on foreign investment cooperation Creating the business environment and competitiveness of ASEAN 4 before 2021 and ASEAN 3 before year 2030 ".

Based on the objectives, tasks and solutions in Resolution No. 50-NQ / TW of XII term; General assessment of the shifting trend of foreign investment flows in the context of the world economy has many profound changes, competition is increasingly strong; the impact of trade conflicts between major economies; The global recession impactsof the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government issued an Action Program to overcome difficulties and seize opportunities for foreign investment cooperation in the coming time.

In order to achieve the goals set out in Resolution No. 50-NQ / TW of the XII term, in the coming time, besides the regular tasks, the Government requires ministries, ministerial-level agencies, government-attached agencies and People's Committees to Provinces and cities directly under the Central Government need to concretize and organize the implementation of 8 tasks:

1-     Innovating, raising awareness, thinking and unifying in action

2-  Strengthening socio-political stability and macro economics; improve business investment environment; improve productivity, quality, efficiency, competitiveness andindependence and autonomy of the economy.

3-      Completing the institutionand general policies on foreign investment.

4-      Completing institutions and policies to attract investment.

5-      Perfecting institutions and policies to protect and promote the responsibility and cooperation of investors.

6-      Perfecting the mechanism of investment management and supervision policies.

7-      Innovating and improving the effectiveness of investment promotion.

8-      Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of State management of foreign investment.

The Government requests ministries, branches and localities to formulate plans to perform the assigned tasks; expeditiously submit to the competent authorities for promulgation, oramend and supplement relevant legal documents to implement the Resolution according to regulations.

Ministries and branches regularly update and synthesize data to analyze and evaluate the situation of state management of foreign investment by specialties; strengthen the review, inspection and supervision of the implementation of specialized laws managed by their ministries and branches in order to remove difficulties for foreign investment projects and promptly propose policy adjustments.

The heads of ministries, branches and People's Committees of provinces and centrally run cities shall inspect and supervise the performance of tasks by each agency, organization orindividual. Sticking to the actual situation, proactively monitoring and evaluating for flexible, timely handling measures or proposing to competent authorities solutions to direct and manage them in a timely and effectivemanner. Annually (before March 31), report to the Ministry of Planning and Investment on the results of implementation to synthesize and report to the Prime Minister before June 30.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment shall assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the concerned ministries and agencies in reviewing, inspecting and supervising the implementation of the Resolution; summarize and report annually to the Government and the Prime Minister on the situation and results of the implementation of the contents stated in this Resolution.

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