Great potential for renewable energy development in Gia Lai

According to survey database sources, GiaLai has an average sunny hours of 1,900-2,200 hours / year, a total radiationof 335-380 kcal / cm2 and average daily solar radiation figures taken intoaccount 4, 6-5.2 kWh / m2. This is a very favorable condition to develop solarpower projects in the area with a capacity of about 7,500 MW. In particular,solar power projects on land about 5,000 MW, floating solar projects on waterabout 2,500 MW. Besides, Gia Lai has 4 potential areas for developing windpower projects with capacity scale of about 11,950 MW. In particular, theeastern region is about 3,800 MW; Southeast region about 1,300 MW; the westernarea is about 6,350 MW and the city area. Pleiku is about 500 MW.

Mr. Ho Phuoc Thanh - Director of Department of Planning and Investment - said: At present, our province has determined that attracting investment in renewable energy will contribute tomaking a breakthrough for socio-economic development, as well as aiming tobecome the "capital" of the country's renewable energy industry. “Inaddition to hydropower projects, if fully exploiting the potential, Gia Lai canbuild up to 180 projects on wind and solar power with a capacity of up to25,000 MW (of which wind power 112 projects, electricity sun 68 projects).Every 1 MW will have an investment of about 1 million USD. If our provinceattracts investors in this field, the capital inflows can reach 25 billion USD.This shows that the efficiency of attracting investment in renewable energysector is extremely large compared to many other fields if our province is toexploit this potential in the future. It is estimated that 1 MW will bring overVND 200 million in tax money, while agricultural land is tax-free for a longtime. When energy projects come into operation, they will contribute tocreating green-clean energy sources, meeting electricity consumption demand,increasing industrial production value, and creating jobs for laborers, increasingrevenues to the local budget ”- Thanh Thanh analyzes.

Up to now, the Provincial People'sCommittee has agreed to allow investors to survey and invest in 35 solar power projects in the area with a total estimated capacity of 4,058.5 MWp. Currently,10 projects have been submitted to the competent authorities for considerationand approval for additional planning; 22 projects are surveying and studying tocompile additional planning documents; 3 projects were approved to supplementthe planning and investment policy with a total capacity of 158 MWp. Inaddition, there are 15 investors with 22 solar power projects are proposing theprovincial People's Committee to allow the survey and preparation of additional planning documents with a total expected capacity of about 2,112 MWp.

For wind power projects, up to now, theProvincial People's Committee has approved the policy of allowing 67 projects to conduct wind survey and measurement to study construction investment with a total estimated capacity of about 9,779.4 MW. There is currently 1 project that has been approved to supplement the planning and investment policy; 10 projects have been submitted to the competent authorities for consideration and approval for additional planning; 28 projects are surveying and studying to make a supplementary planning file. In addition, there are 30 investors who are proposing the provincial People's Committee to consider for the policy of surveying and studying to supplement the planning of 39 wind power projects
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