Thanh Hoa established Dong Ninh Industrial Cluster, Dong Son district

June 2, 2020, Dong Ninh Industrial Cluster, Dong Son District was established under Decision No. 1999 / QD-UBND of Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee with a total area of about 20.0 ha.


Accordingly, Dong Ninh Industrial Cluster is located in Dong Ninh and Dong Hoang Communes, Dong Son District, Thanh Hoa Province with an area of about 20.0 ha (including about 4.45 ha of land area already reserved for businesses, enterprises and households, individuals rent land but do not include the current residential land area; the official area will follow the detailed planning or the total construction ground approved by the authority). The area of the land plot is determined in the map sheet no.9 of the cadastral map of Dong Ninh commune, scale of 1 / 2,000, measured in 2012 and map sheet number 12 (adjacent to map sheet number 9 in Dong Ninh commune) of the cadastral map of Dong Hoang commune, scale 1/2000, measured in 2012. The specific boundaries are as follows: The North borders the corridor of Highway 47; The East borders agricultural land and residential land; The South borders on rice land; The West borders on rice land.

The main industries in Dong Ninh industrial cluster include: garment, mechanical engineering; manufacturing products of supporting industry; handicraft; wood processing, construction materials production; food processing, forestry - agricultural product processing, plastic products, animal and poultry feed processing ... and other related industries.

The progress of specific technical infrastructure construction investment project is as follows:

Before Quarter IV / 2020: Completing investment procedures, making detailed plans; complete investment project file and basic design; decisions approving investment projects and basic designs; preparation and approval of environmental impact assessment reports.

From Quarter I / 2021 to Quarter II / 2021: Complete documents on land allocation, land lease, issuance of land use right certificates; start construction.

Quarter IV / 2021: Start handing over the project, putting the project into operation, receiving secondary investors to implement investment procedures for production and business projects in ICs (only allowed to put projects production and business projects which come into operation after investment in infrastructure of industrial clusters are completed).

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