Asia - Binh Duong Horasis Meetings 2019 promotes investment in builing Binh Duong Smart City

Horasis is an investment promotion organization founded in 2005 in Switzerland by Frank-Jürgen Richter, former director of the World Economic Forum. Its mission is to provide platform for cooperation and knowledge sharing, attracting investment from multinational corporations to developing countries and emerging markets.

In 2018, Binh Duong province cooperated with Horasis to organize the Horasis Assia Meeting 2018 with the participation of more than 400 senior leaders and CEOs from more than 60 countries and 400 leaders from leading businesses, Government and local representative meeting, sharing experiences, connecting and collaborating.

Binh Duong province sucessfully organized Horasis Asia Meeting 2019 (source: internet)

Following the success of the 2018 event, from 24 - 26 November 2019, the Asia - Binh Duong Horasis Meeting 2019 is held at the Convention and Exhibition Center of Binh Duong province, expecting more than 1000 participants from 60 countries. This is a valuable opportunity for Binh Duong province to connect, trade, promote investment with MNCs around the world and promoting the brand of Binh Duong in the international arena. Horasis is a part of a series of programs of the Binh Duong Smart City Projet, including 4 Horasis plenary meetings, 35 talks on regional and world economic issues, new trends in development and technology... In particular, at Hoais 2019, the Organizing Committee organizes 02 meetings with the theme "Investment opportunities in Binh Duong province" chaired by the leaders of the Provincial People's Committee to introduce the potential as well as investment cooperation opportunities to foreign enterprises participating in the event. These two sessions attract hundreds of foreign enterprises participating and exploring, seizing investment cooperation opportunities in Vietnam in general and Binh Duong province in particular.
The Binh Duong Smart city project was approved by the Provincial People's Committee in 2016. After 3 years of implementation, the project has been achieving positive results. The Horasis Forum has become an important platform for Binh Duong to learn, acquire and share experiences on the trend of building smart cities in the world, thereby, mobilizing domestic and international resources to develop the model of smart city that is suitable for the locality.

Besides the meetings and talks, Horasis 2019 will hold sideline activities such as the launch of Binh Duong New World Trade Center project, the launch of the 1022 hotline system, Inauguration Ceremony for the Center of Community Initiatives and Start-up Support, 15th Asian International Urbanization Conference... demonstrating the Povinces's determination to develop the economy with the 4th Industrial Revolution in general and the Binh Duong Smart City project in particular.

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