Enterprise registration certificate

Enterprise registration certificate is a hard-copy or soft-copy document containing enterprise registration information granted by a business registration agency to an enterprise.

An enterprise shall be granted an enterprise registration certificate when fully meeting the following conditions: 

- Its business line to be registered is not banned; 

- Its name complies with the laws; 

- It has a valid enterprise registration dossier; 

- It has paid in full the enterprise registration fee in accordance with the law on charges and fees.

Order and procedures for enterprise registration 

- The enterprise founder or authorized person shall submit an enterprise registration dossier as prescribed by the laws to the business registration agency.

- The business registration agency shall examine the validity of the enterprise registration dossier and grant an enterprise registration certificate within 3 working days after receiving such dossier. If refusing to grant the enterprise registration certificate, it shall notify in writing such to the enterprise founder, clearly stating the reason and requirements for dossier modification and supplementation.

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