Settlement of disputes in business investment activities

(i) Disputes related to business investment activities in Vietnam shall be settled through negotiation and conciliation. If the negotiation or conciliation fails, the dispute shall be settled by an arbitration body or by a court.
(ii) Every dispute between a domestic investor and a foreign-invested economic organization or between a domestic investor or a foreign-invested economic organization and a regulatory agency over business investment activities within the territory of Vietnam shall be settled by a Vietnamese arbitration body or a Vietnamese court.
(iii) Every dispute between investors, one of which is a foreign investor or an economic organization, shall be settled by one of the following agencies/ organizations:
a) Vietnamese courts;
b) Vietnamese arbitration body;
c) Foreign arbitration body;
d) International arbitration body;
dd) An arbitral tribunal established by the parties in dispute.
(iv) Every dispute between a foreign investor and a regulatory agency over business investment activities within Vietnam’s territory shall be settled by a Vietnamese arbitral tribunal or a Vietnamese court, unless otherwise agreed under a contract or prescribed by an international treaty to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a signatory.

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