Procedures of implementation of investment projects

In order to implement an investment project in Vietnam, depending on its nature, scale and business sector, its investor shall go through all or some of the following steps:  
Step 1: Seeking and selecting a location for implementing the project; deciding the form of investment;

Step 2: Having the investment policy approved (if the project is required to obtain an investment policy decision) and selecting investors to implement the project; 

Step 3: Obtaining the investment registration certificate;

Step 4: Obtaining the business registration certificate;

Step 5: Obtaining other licenses, approvals and endorsements such as:
 Certificate of land use right; 
 Approval of design, construction permit (if the project has construction structures);
 Approval of fire prevention plan;
 Acknowledgement of environment protection undertaking;
 Operating licenses for some conditional business sectors.

Vietnam maps showing administrative units, sources of critical raw materials and industrial zones locations.