Business conditions for conditional investment and business sectors

After being granted with the investment registration certificate and enterprise registration certificate, in case the enterprise operates in conditional business sectors, it needs to meet those conditions before its official operations.
Business conditions are applied in the following forms:
(i) Licenses (such as domestic/ international travel licenses; telecommunications operation licenses; licenses for leasing goods, transport operation licenses...);
(ii) Certificates (such as certificates of eligibility for gas and petroleum trading; certificates of establishments eligible for food hygiene and safety; certificates of eligibility to operate in the field of sports...)
(iii) Certificates (such as certificates of construction capacity issued to enterprises operating in the construction sector...);
(iv) Acknowledgements and endorsements (such as acknowledgement of eligibility for fire prevention services, registration of publication services)
(v) Other requirements that enterprises must meet in order to carry out business investment activities without having to obtain written acknowledgements from competent authorities (such as real estate business; import and export business activities of FDI enterprises...)

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