Hai Duong

Mr. Pham Minh Phuong – Department manager
(+84) 220.3844723
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Hai Duong Management Board of Industrial Zones
Phone: (+84) 220.3844723
Website: https://banqlkcn.haiduong.gov.vn
The priority areas: Construction machinery and equipment, high-grade construction materials; Mechanical manufacturing, assembly, precision mechanics; Electrical-Electronics and cn support; Producing consumer goods, household goods; Medical equipment; Food processing; High technology with less pollution; Information technology

Geographical location: Hai Duong is located in the center of Red river Delta. Hai Duong shares its borders with Bac Giang province to the north, Quang Ninh province and Hai Phong city to the east, Bac Ninh province and Hung Yen province to the west, Thai Binh province to the south

Acreage: 1,668.39

Population: 1,916,700

Topographic: The province’s topography has features of both plain and mountain. The hilly area is located in the north of the province, accounts for 11% and including: 13 communes in Chi Linh district and 18 communes in Kinh Mon district, is a low mountainous area, suitable for growing fruit trees, timber trees and short-term industrial plants. The plain area accounts for 89% of the natural area, which is accreted by alluvium from the Thai Binh river, fertile soil, suitable for many types of crops, producing many crops in a year.

Administrative units: Hai Duong province has 02 cities, 01 town and 09 district.

Natural resources: The province has diversified and rich soils suitable for agricultural development. Its mineral is not various in types but large in quantity and of good quality well serving local industries, especially construction material production such as cement limestone in Kinh Mon districts, Kaolin in Kinh Mon, Chi Linh districts, bauxite in Kinh Mon district, etc.

Travel resources: Hai Duong is one of the hometowns of Vietnam’s culture with hundreds of historical and cultural monuments such as Con Son – Kiep Bac, monuments of Chu Van An, Tue Tinh, etc.

Human resources: In 2020, Hai Duong has 1,916,700 people and working age population reaches more than 68% and percentage of working age population completed vocational education reaches 24%

Traffic: Hai Duong is located on the main traffic axis of the Northern key economic region, Hanoi – Hai Phong Expressway, Noi Bai – Ha Long Expressway, Highway 18 and Highway 15
In addition, Highway 37 and Highway 38 through Hai Duong are also the main traffic routes connecting the northern midland mountainous area with the northern coastal area.

Power system: Hai Duong is supplied from Pha Lai Thermal Power Plan and Mao Khe Thermal Power Plan through 220kV Hai Duong 2 station.
220kV substations: there are 03 substations
110kV substations: there are 29 substations
Electricity prices: According to regulations on electricity price of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Water system: There are 106 clean water supply plants with a total water supply capacity of over 250,000m3/day/night, ensuring to meet 100% of the water supply demand for industrial zones and residential areas.

Post and Telecommunication Systems: The coverage of mobile phone waves is all province. Telephone networks are installed in all communes connecting with other areas nationwide and worldwide

Systems Industrial Zone: Main Industrial Parks: 
+ Nam Sach Industrial Park (62 ha)
+ Phuc Dien Industrial Park (83 ha)
+ Phu Thai Industrial Park (57 ha)
+ Tan Truong Industrial Park (198 ha)
+ Dai An Industrial Park (136 ha)
+ Dai An Industrial Park (Expansion phase 1) (189 ha)
+ An Phat Hi-Tech Industrial Park (46 ha)
+ Lai Vu Industrial Park (213 ha)
+ Lai Cach Industrial Park (135 ha)
+ Cong Hoa Industrial Park (201 ha)
+ Cam Dien Luong Dien Industrial Park (150 ha)
Industrial zones being deployed in 2021:
+ Gia Loc Industrial Park (197 ha)
+ An Phat 1 Industrial Park (180 ha)
+ Dai An Industrial Park (Expansion phase 2) (277 ha)
+ Phuc Dien Industrial Park (Expansion) (215 ha)
+ Kim Thanh Industrial Park (165 ha)
+ Tan Truong Industrial Park (Expansion) (113 ha)

The economic structure:

+ Agriculture & fishery: 8,8%
+ Industry & construction: 59,7%
+ Service: 31,5%


- GRDP growth rate (base year 2010): 2.1% (’20)
- GRDP per capita: 3,020 USD (’20)

Attracting investment:

- Foreign investment (Up to 2020):
+ Total projects: 474 projects
+ Total foreign investment: 8,7 billion USD

- Tax incentives, corporate income tax:
+ Preferential tax rate of 10% for a period of 15 years: Income from implementing new investment projects in areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions; economic zones established under the Prime Minister's Decision; Income from implementation of new investment projects in the following fields: Scientific research and technological development; high-tech applications are prioritized for development investment; environmental Protection; manufacturing products on the list of supporting industry products prioritized for development;.....
+ Preferential tax rate of 17% for 10 years: Income from implementing new investment projects in areas with difficult socio-economic conditions; Income from implementing new investment projects: Producing high-grade steel; produce energy-saving products; producing and refining livestock, poultry and aquatic feeds;... (except for industrial zones located in favorable areas)
- Incentives on land rent:
+ Exemption of land rent and water surface rent for the entire lease term for investment projects on the list of industries and trades with special investment incentives as prescribed by law.
+ Exemption from land rent and water surface rent during the basic construction period (maximum no more than 3 years) from the date of issuance of the land lease decision.
+ Exemption from land rent and water surface rent after the time limit for land rent or water surface rent exemption after the basic construction period from 03, 07, 11 to 15 years, specific to each field, industry, and first location. in accordance with the provisions of the law.
- Preferential import tax:
+ Exemption of import tax on imported fixed assets for certain projects.
+ Exemption from import tax for 5 years for goods that cannot be produced locally and are imported for a production project in encouraged fields and areas with special socio-economic difficulties.

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