INVEST VIETNAM's website is the Ministry of Trade & Industry's Trade Promotion Bureau to help investors connect with Vietnam's provinces, industrial parks and companies while providing valuable information on the investment environment and opportunities in Vietnam to foreign investors. It is supervised by the Center for Trade & Industrial Development and Investment Promotion. 

Through the INVEST VIETNAM website, the latest information on investment opportunities and investment processes and procedures in Vietnam is provided to investors and foreign organizations wishing to understand the investment environment within Vietnam's industrial sectors. In addition, the strengths and attractive potentials of provincial and industrial parks are accurately and emphasized on the website to assist international joint ventures in promoting a wide range of Vietnamese investment locations.
The website provides rich and well-organized data, allowing subscribers to easily search and find information on various fields related to investing in Vietnam, including investment opportunities, investment locations, investment guidance, and experience sharing. In addition, on the INVEST VIETNAM website, foreign and international advisory experts are always available to answer any investor's inquiries. 

With user-friendly online interactive features and a network connected to 20 pages of websites of international organizations, INNVEST VIETNAM website provides a channel to exchange useful information with investors in Vietnam's provinces, industrial parks and companies. 

The INVEST VIETNAM website is an effective information channel and we look forward to becoming an important link for industrial and trade investment activities in Vietnam.