Noi Bai Industrial Zone

Noi Bai IZ ứa established under Decision No. 545/TTg dated October 5, 1994 of the Prime Minister, located in two communes of Quang Tien and Mai Dinh, Soc Son district, Hanoi. The current total area of the IZ is 114 hectares with more than 40 enterprises, mainly from Japan.
Geographical location
the West - South of the IZ is adjacent to Noi Bai International Airport. In front of the IZ is the provincial road 131 linking Highway 3 with Highway 2 as well as Thang Long - Noi Bai Highway; roads to Hai Phong port and Cai Lan port.
Soil conditions:
Elevation above sea level: 12m
Weather condition: Tropical monsoon
How the big city and how much Km: 30km to Hanoi
Distance to Central Province: 30km to Hanoi
How much nearest airport Km: 5km to Noi Bai Airport
How much Railway Station Km: 13km to Trung Gia - Soc Son Railway Station
Distance to the nearest river port: 22km to Van Khe Port
Nearest seaport how many km: 140km to Hai Phong Port
Traffic road
Main road: 40m, 4 lanes (7m/lane) Internal road: 35m, 4 lanes
Wastewater treatment
Standard: Factory Max: 2,800m3 Current: 2,500m3
Garbage disposal
Factory standard
Training School
Fire extinguishing system with water and backup generators (IZ area has a total of 38 water poles, Office service building has 6 boxes of fire -fighting hose). There are portable fire extinguishers in
Contact Information
VNPT 50mb
Other add-ons
Acreage & Status quo
Planning area
114 (ha)
Area available for rent
Smallest leasable area
70 (m2)
150 USD/m2
Min lease term: 30 years Min leasing area: 5,000m2
Land lease
5 USD/m2
Min lease term: 3 years Min leasing area: 3,000m2
Management fee
Electricity price
Peak: VND 3,076/kWh Normal: VND 1,685/kWh Idle: VND 1,100/kWh
water price
19,204 VND/m3
Cost of wastewater treatment
Cost: VND 7,249/m3 Input: QCVN40: 2008/BTNMT Output: QCTDHN02: 2014/BTNMT at Column B with coefficient Kq=0.9 and Kf=1.0
Solid waste disposal fee
Preferential corporate income tax
According to current regulations
Preferential import tax
According to current regulations
VAT Deals
According to current regulations
More deals
According to current regulations

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General information
Quang Tien Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi
Phone: +84-24-35820333
Fax: +84-24-35820330
The priority areas: High-tech industry, environmental friendly
Time began to come into operation: 1997
Uptime: 50 years
Industrial Investor
Company name: Noi Bai Development Company Limited
Address:: Quang Tien Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi
Phone: +84-24-35820333
Fax: +84-24-35820330
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Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tuyen
Customer relationship manager
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