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Mr Tran Duc Thuan (Director)
(84-207) 3 812 335
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Tuyen Quang Management Board of Industrial Zones
Address: No 03, Chien Thang Song Lo Street, Tan Quang ward, Tuyen Quang City
Phone: (84-207) 3 812 335
Email: Bqlkcntq@tuyenquang.gov.vn
The priority areas: Tourism , Industry - Construction , Services , Agriculture - forestry - fishery

Geographical location: Tuyen Quang is located in the center of the northern midland and mountainous region of Vietnam, share its boders with Ha Giang province to the north, Phu Tho province and Vinh Phuc province to the south, Yen Bai province to the west, Thai Nguyen province and Bac Kan province to the east.

Acreage: 5,867

Population: 813,200

Topographic: The province’s topography is rather complex with many partitions by high mountains, rivers and streams, especially in its Northern area. It is lower with less partitions, hills and valleys (running along rivers) in the Southern area.

Administrative units: Tuyen Quang province has 7 administrative units, including 01 city and 06 district

Natural resources: The province’s total area of natural land is 586,800 hectares. Its soil is quite rich, especially in its Southern districts, creating specialized areas growing tea, sugarcane, fruit trees serving processing industries. Besides, Tuyen Quang has 163 mine points with 27 different kinds of mineral such as 17 iron ore mines with the estimated reserves of 7 million tons mainly found in Yen Son, Ham Yen districts, 12 tin mines mainly found in Son Duong districts, 8 manganese mines found in Chiem Hoa and Na Hang districts; 24 concentrated lead - zinc mines

Travel resources: Tuyen Quang has 386 historical monuments recognized by the State, mainly found in Tuyen Quang town, Son Duong, Yen Son and Chiem Hoa districts. It has potentiality for developing eco combined with cultural and historical tourism such as tours to Tan Trao revolutionary base, Kim Binh, mineral water convalesce center, Ngoi La, Nui Dum, Hang Tien (Fairy Cave), Trung Ha waterfall, Mo waterfall, etc.

Human resources: In 2019, the province's working-age population accounted for 48.31% of the total population; percentage of working age population has been trained reaches 30%; percentage of working age population completed vocational education  reaches 21.1%

Traffic: - Roadway: There are highways through the province, including: Highway 2, Highway 37, Highway 2C, Highway 279. Tuyen Quang - Phu Tho Expressway connecting with Noi Bai - Lao Cai Expressway is building, the travel time from Tuyen Quang to Hanoi is 2 hours, to Ha Giang is 3 hours, to Yen Bai is 1 hour, from Tuyen Quang to Thai Nguyen is 1.5 hours, to Vinh Phuc 1.5 hours, to Phu Tho 1.5 hours. 
Travel time from Tuyen Quang to Noi Bai airport is 1.5 hours.
Travel time from Tuyen Quang to Hai Phong port is 3.5 hours.
- Port: 3.5 hours away from Hai Phong port.
- Airway: 110km from Noi Bai international airport (1.5 hours traveling).

Power system: The power supply system includes Tuyen Quang hydropower station with 342 MW capacity, Chiem Hoa hydropower with 45MW capacity and 220KV and 110KV grid connecting Thai Nguyen - Yen Bai - Tuyen Quang. In the period of 2010-2020, Thai Nguyen plans to continue invest in hydropower stations such as Hung Loi 1, Hung Loi 2, in Yen Son district, Thac Rom in Chiem Hoa district, Nam Vang in Na Hang district, Phu Luu in Ham Yen district and other stations. Currently, the national grid reaches 95.4% commune.

Water system: Households, enterprises are supplied with clean water from Tuyen Quang water supply system with the total capacity of 28,000m3/day and night. In residential areas, industrial complex and tourism areas, water supply system are mainly installed.

Post and Telecommunication Systems: Modern digital telecommunication connected by optical fibers transfers microwaves to 6/6 districts and city and link directly province nationwide and worldwide. 100% units has tele-services and the rate of using telephone is 34/100 capital. In terms of Internet (ADSL), 1 out of 100 people use the service

Systems Industrial Zone: Industrial Parks: 
+ Long Binh An Industrial Park
+ Son Nam Industrial Park
+ Phuc Ung – Son Duong Industrial Cluster
+ Tan Thanh – Ham Yen Industrial Cluster
+ An Thinh – Chiem Hoa Industrial Cluster
+ Khuon Phuon – Na Hang Industrial Cluster
+ Thang Quan – Yen Son Industrial Cluster
+ Nam Son Duong Industrial Park
+ Tam Da, Son Duong Industrial Cluster
+ Ninh Lai – Thien Ke, Son Duong Industrial Cluster
+ Ham Yen District Industrial Cluster
+ Yen Son District Industrial Cluster

The economic structure:

+ Agriculture & fishery: 24.54%
+ Industry & construction: 35.65%
+ Service: 39.81%


- GRDP growth rate (base year 2010): 7.16% 
- GRDP per capita: ~1,681.06 USD/ year

Attracting investment:

- Foreign investment (Up to 2020):
+ Total projects: 17 projects
+ Total foreign investment: 216 million USD

- Promising areas for investment:
+ Infrastructure investment: Traffic system, infrastructure of zones, industrial clusters, urban infrastructure, waste and wastewater treatment.
+ Industry: Clean industry, high technology application, supporting industry, mechanical engineering industry, processing industry associated with the development of raw material areas, building material production industry, furniture industry drinking, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, medical equipment.
+ Commercial services: Attracting large projects to My Lam, Na Hang - Lam Binh mineral spring resorts, Tan Trao mineral spring resorts, building commercial centers.
+ Agriculture: Focus on some orange trees, tea, medicinal herbs, high-tech agricultural projects, forest protection and development projects.

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