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Mr. Le Minh Thanh - Director
Evaluation of investment environment
Consider investing in real estate is nearby Long Hau HCMC , Duc Hoa 1 Industrial Zone Xuyen , Duc Hoa Industrial Zone 3 is the preferred choice of foreign companies wishing to set office .. . Mr. Pham Vu Luan >> Detail
Department of Planning and Investment Lang Son
Address: 2 Hoang Van Thu Street, Chi Lang Ward, TP.Lang Son, Lang Son Province
Phone: 84.25.3812122
The priority areas: Tourism , Industry - Construction , Services , Agriculture - forestry - fishery

Geographical location: Lang Son province, a strategically important position in the North East of Vietnam; being the frontier mountainous province but the average altitude above sea level is only 251m, completely laying down in the hollow trough connecting the People's Republic of China and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the ASE¬AN countries. - From the center Lang Son to Hanoi just over 150 kilometers (about 2.5 hours by car) and over 200 kilometers (about 3 hours by car) to Nanning city, the capital of Guang

Acreage: 786.720,52 of which: + Agricultural land: 109.553h

Population: 733.131

Topographic: Topographic base above sea level is averagely 251m high. The lowest location is 20m in the South of Huu Lung district and the highest loca¬tion is Mau Son mountain peak at 1541m. The to-pography is mainly low mountains and hills with area of over 80% of the entire provincial area.

Administrative units: In Lang Son, there are 10 districts and 01 city including 226 communes, wards and towns

Natural resources: - Geographic political position of Lang Son towards the Northeast region and the country has advantages compared with the northern mountainous provinces. The world economic integration will create favorable conditions for Lang Son to promote its economy, commerce, tourism and services concurrently expand the industrial development, especially hi-tech industry (electronic assembly), food processing industry, auxiliary industry and processing and package for export, etc. - Water surface resources

Travel resources: Lang Son which is located in the northern border area has convenient transportation to connect to Hanoi. Lang Son has many places of interest such as Ky Lua market street, Stone statue of Lady To Thi, Tam Thanh pagoda, Nhi Thanh cave, Ky Cung river’s stone wharf, Mau Son tourist place, Wind grotto, etc. The borderline markets are also great attractions to visitors. Lang Son is also reputed because of owning many historical places such as Nam Quan Pass, Chi Lang pass, the citadel of Mac dynast, B

Human resources: Population of work¬ing age (<35 age) 495.238 people Trained labor About 15.352 people Number of graduates annually in universities, colleges and professional schools: About 2.468 students/ year. Unskillful labor About 479. 886 people

Traffic: Traffic way system of Lang Son province rela¬tively completes, including railway and road, of which such life-line traffic route passing the province as - National Highway 1A: Huu Nghi (Lang Son) - Hanoi (150km) - National Highway 4B: Lang Son Port, Quang Ninh (114km) Chua Mui - National Highway 1B: Lang Son - Thai Nguyen (160km) - Mixed Railway Hanoi - Lang Son- China

Power system: There are two 110kV transformers throughout the province; transmission line system is rela¬tively completed possibly to sufficiently pro¬vide for consumption and production; Currently 100% of communes is using the National grid

Water system: The entire province has fresh water supply sys¬tems with a total capacity of 15,000m3/day and night basically meeting adequately the fresh water for residential areas and partial need of fresh water for production and business of en-terprises in the city and surrounding areas

Post and Telecommunication Systems: In the province currently has five mobile opera¬tors, with a total of 275 postal points. In general, the actual state of the postal services, telecommunications is rather good. The telecommunication network has widely covered across the province meeting the needs of communication use of the people and enterprises.

Systems Industrial Zone: - Dong Dang-Lang Son Border Gate Economic Zone with a total area of 394km2. - Dong Banh Industrial Zone with a total area of 321,76 ha. - Hong Phong Industrial Zone with a total area of 440ha - Na Duong Industrial Complex I, II, III with a total area of: 365ha - Hop Thanh Industrial Complex I, II with a total area of 120,1 ha - Huu Lung Industrial Complex with a total area of: 48,8ha - Quang Lac Industrial Complex with a total area of: 50 ha - Cao Loc Industrial Complex with a total area

The economic structure:

- Economic structure

Economic structure

Industry - Con­struction (%)


Commerce - Ser­vices (%)


Agriculture, forest­ry and fishery (%)


Export - Import turnover:

Export - Import Turnover (value)


USD 1.306 billion


USD 1.005 billion


Economic growth


GRDP index

VND 18.852.170 billion

Attracting investment:

Foreign direct investment
Number of enterprises and projects 28 projects
Total registered investment capital USD 224,7 million
Branches and aspects mainly invested Processing, manufacture, fabrication, services, real estate, hotels, golf course, and forestry.

Support the land clearance (Lang Son province is responsible for land clearance and hands over to the Investors as scheduled)
- Support the infrastructural investment (Lang Son province supports costs for infrastructural investment but not exceeding VND 50 million per investment project)
- Enjoy the preferential policies on exemption or reduction of taxes such as enterprise income tax, import and export duties (Exemption of enterprise income tax for 06 months for products under testing production; Exemption of enterprise income tax for 12 months for products from new technologies, firstly applied in Vietnam)
- Receive preferential policies on land: exemption and reduction of land hire charges (Unit price of land rent is calculated at 0.5% of the land price according to purposes of leased land use annually issued by the Provincial People’s Committee regarding prices of various lands)
- Support the commercial promotion (Aid 10% of expenses but not excess of VND 30 million per year for enterprises participating in the commercial promotion, investment promotion and workshops, etc related to new technological application to production as per the provincial plans)
- Assis training and recruitment of labor (Support training expenses at VND 300,000/person/ month and not in excess of VND 1,500,000/labor/course for the local labors)
- Provision and consultancy of information.
- Receive incentives of finance and credits as per the current regulations.
- Support the technical infrastructure out of barrier, support a part of advertisement costs (Sup¬port 50% of advertisement costs of products in accordance with ordinance on advertisement on the mass media by the province within two years. Maximum level does not exceed VND 02 million/ advertisement contract and not in excess of 04 advertisement contracts/year)

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