Phu Vinh Infrastructure Construction Investment Joint Stock Company is a 100% foreign-invested enterprise with a long history of industrial park development, has close relations with the government and ensures investors have Get the best investment deals.
Phu Vinh Industrial Park is the first industrial park invested in building synchronous and modern infrastructure in Vung Ang Economic Zone, meeting all conditions for factory construction of investors.
Phu Vinh Industrial Park is close to major projects: Formosa iron and steel factory (2000ha), Vinfast electric car factory (1500ha).... The projects have attracted a series of auxiliary companies. iron and steel industry and auto parts, bringing great opportunities for investors.

Geographical location
Short description about the location of the IP (max 30 words): Belonging to Vung Ang Economic Zone, Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh Province • Located next to national highways 1B, 1A, North-South expressway. • The railway connecting Thailand - Laos - and Vung Ang Economic Zone shortens the distance and reduces the cost of transporting materials, goods and products.
Soil conditions:
Elevation above sea level:
Weather condition:
How the big city and how much Km: Distance to HANOI (km): 400km
Distance to Central Province: Distance to Central Province (km): 60km
How much nearest airport Km: Distance to Vinh airport (km): 120km/ Distance to Dong Hoi airport (km): 70km
How much Railway Station Km:
Distance to the nearest river port:
Nearest seaport how many km: Distance to the nearest Vung Ang sea port (km): 15km
Traffic road
Main road system (width, number of lanes): building line 60m Internal road system (width, number of lanes): building line 30m
National Power System: 35KV
Water volume (m3/day): 15.000 m3/day-night
Wastewater treatment
Maximum treatment capacity (m3/day): 100.000 m3 /day-night Current treatment capacity (m3/day): 5.000 m3 /day-night
Garbage disposal
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Acreage & Status quo
Planning area
207 (ha)
Area available for rent
90 (ha)
Smallest leasable area
10000 (m2)
50 USD/m2
Rent cost: + 50-55 USD/m2/until 2060 Minimum lease term: 30/9/2060 Minimum leasing area: 10.000m2
Land lease
Management fee
0.068 USD/m2/month
Electricity price
Peak hours:0.13 USD/kwh Normal hours: 0.073 USD/kwh Idle hours: 0.047 USD/kwh
water price
Water cost: 0.5 USD/m3
Cost of wastewater treatment
Treatment cost (m3): 0.33 USD/m3
Solid waste disposal fee
Preferential corporate income tax
Corporate income tax: From the time of revenue, the first 15 years the tax is reduced to 10%; From earning the profits, the enterprise can have the preferential terms for income tax free for 4 years and another preferential terms at 50 % income tax for the next 9 years.
Preferential import tax
Import Tax : The domestic and oversea enterprises have the preferential terms to import the commodities, components without import duty in 5 years from the manufacture starting.
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General information
Lien Phu, Ky Lien Ward, Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam
Phone: (+84) 0932 315 625
Fax: (+84) 02393 722378
The priority areas: - Priority areas to attract investment: ▪ Production and processing of iron and steel products: hot rolled steel, stainless steel, steel bars, steel rods, tubes, special metals. ▪ Electronic and mechanical industries: electronics, electrical appliances, electrical and household appliances industry, information, communication and telecommunication. Mechanical manufacturing industry: production, fabrication and assembly of cars, motors, fabrication and mechanical repair agricultural and household yacht and equipment used in mining. ▪ Architectural materials industry: production of concrete, cement and refractory ceiling. ▪ Green energy:generating by solar energy, wind power... Other industries: Furniture, cabinets, toys, plastic items, rubber tires, medical, optical, animal feed, industrial gases, ceramics recycling.Spinning, weaving, garments, leather shoes, dyed, printed flowers, zinc refining, lead refining, aluminum smelting, textile dyeing,etc…
Time began to come into operation: 2010
Industrial Investor
Company name: Phu Vinh Infrastructure Construction Investment Co., Ltd
Address:: Lien Phu, Ky Lien Ward, Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam
Phone: (+84) 0932 315 625
Fax: (+84) 02393 722378
Contact Us
Ms. Thuong Nguyen
Sales & Marketing Vice Director
(+84) 932 315 625
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