Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park

Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park was established under Decision No. 5297 / QD-UBND issued by Binh Duong People's Committee on October 24, 2005. Decision No. 2169 / QD-BXD of the Ministry of Construction on November 22, 2005 . Decree No. 36 / CP of the Prime Minister dated April 24, 1997 regulating the management of Industrial Parks, Export Processing Zones and High-tech Industrial Parks.
Geographical location
Nam Tan Uyen industrial park located in Khanh Binh commune, Tan Uyen district, Binh Duong province. It is one of the provinces with the most dynamic economy in the southern key economic region.
Soil conditions:
Elevation above sea level:
Weather condition: Climate conditions in Binh Duong as well as the climate regime of the Southeast region are hot and rainy with high humidity. In the early months of the rainy season, heavy rains usually occur, and then completely stop. The months of 7,8,9, usually the rainy months. There are heavy rain showers lasting 1–2 days and nights. The average annual temperature in Binh Duong is from 26 ° C – 27 ° C. The highest temperatures are sometimes up to 39.3 ° C and lowest from 16 ° C – 17 ° C (at night) and 18 °
How the big city and how much Km: Hochiminh city: 36 km
Distance to Central Province: Binh Duong city: 08 km
How much nearest airport Km: Tan Son Nhat international airport: 36 km
How much Railway Station Km: Sai Gon station: 38,1 km
Distance to the nearest river port: Cai Mep river port: 32,9 km
Nearest seaport how many km: Sai Gon sea port: 38 km
Traffic road
Width from 14-35m, standard load H30
Water volume (m3/day): 17.000m3/ day Standard: 8.000 m3/day
Wastewater treatment
8.000 m3/day
Garbage disposal
According to industrial park standards
Training School
Contact Information
Other add-ons
Acreage & Status quo
Planning area
330.5 (ha)
Area available for rent
Smallest leasable area
10000 (m2)
Land lease
Management fee
Electricity price
According to the national unit price
water price
According to the national unit price
Cost of wastewater treatment
Solid waste disposal fee
Preferential corporate income tax
According to Government regulations
Preferential import tax
According to Government regulations
VAT Deals
According to Government regulations
More deals
According to Government regulations

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General information
Hamlet 4, Khanh Binh commune, Tan Uyen district, Binh Duong province
Phone: (+84) (274) 3652326
Fax: (+84) 20-3841643
The priority areas: - Agricultural product processing industry, producing cattle and poultry feed; - Production of consumer goods for domestic use and export such as garments, wood processing, electrical appliances, household appliances, metalware, plastic products, and packaging; - construction materials such as kaolin exploitation, production of ceramic tiles, interior decoration materials, structural frames, roofing sheets and covering sheets.
Time began to come into operation: 2005
Uptime: 2055
Industrial Investor
Company name: Nam Tan Uyen Industry Joint Stock Company
Address:: Khanh Binh Ward, Tan Uyen Town, Binh Duong Province.
Phone: (+84) (274) 3652326
Fax: (+84) (0274) 365232
Contact Us
Mr. Tran Cong Kha
Chairman of the Board
+ (84) (0274) 3652326
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