General information about Lien Ha Thai (Green iP-1) Industrial park

Lien Ha Thai Industrial Park (Green iP-1) was selected as a key industrial park, a pioneer in Economic Zone with the with the goal of building a green, modern industrial park with synchronous infrastructure which strict criteria to be worthy of a pioneer and key industrial zone of the province, at the same time meet the high requirements of large investors in the world.
Geographical location
Located on National road 39, adjacent to Ninh Binh-Hai Phong-Thai Binh coastal road. -Distance to Lach Huyen International See Port: : 36km -Distance to Cat Bi International Airport : 35km -Distance to Hanoi city : 130km -Adjacent to 39 National Road, 37 National Road, Provincial Road 456 …
Soil conditions: Plain land has flat topography
Elevation above sea level:
Weather condition: Thai Binh's climate is basically tropical humid monsoon. Thai Binh has an average temperature of 23º-24ºC In general, Thai Binh is not affected much by the weather.
How the big city and how much Km: Distance to Hai Phong city: 36 km
Distance to Central Province: Distance to Thai Binh city: 30 km
How much nearest airport Km: Distance to Cat Bi International Airport: 35km
How much Railway Station Km: Distance to Nam Dinh Railway Station about: 50 km
Distance to the nearest river port: Distance to Diem Dien port: 3km
Nearest seaport how many km: Distance to Lach Huyen international seaport: 40km
Traffic road
Main road system: Coastal Road : width 90m, Expansion plan 6 lanes; Internal road system: National road 39: width 51m, Expansion plan 6 lanes.
National Power System: TBA : 1 mechine x 630KVA; Max : 3 mechines x 630MVA
Capacity: 5,000 m3/day (max: 60.000 m3/day)
Wastewater treatment
Standard: Chemical treatment technology combined with biological treatment by MBBR; Maximum treatment capacity: 25.000 m3/day; Current treatment capacity: 5,000 m3/day
Garbage disposal
According to the supplier's standards in the industrial park
Training School
There is a fire prevention and fighting team in the industrial park.
Contact Information
Telecommunication IT network Infrastructure with high speed, modern and meeting all operational needs of the whole region.
Other add-ons
Acreage & Status quo
Planning area
588.8 (ha)
Area available for rent
Free area: 500 ha; Factory area: 3000-5000-8000 m2; Offices: 600-700m2 (3 floors); Operational from the first quarter,2022
Smallest leasable area
10000 (m2)
Rent cost: 80-85 USD/ m2; Minimum lease term: 50 year; Minimum leasing area: 1-2 ha
Land lease
Rent cost: 4 USD /m2/month; Minimum lease term: 2 year; Minimum leasing area: 3000 m2
Management fee
Electricity price
Peak hours: 2,871 VND/Kwh (22KV Voltage degree); 3,076 VND/Kwh (Under 6KV Voltage degree); Normal hours: 1,555 VND/Kwh (22KV Voltage degree); 1,685 VND/Kwh (Under 6KV Voltage degree); Idle hours: 1,
water price
12.000 VND/m3
Cost of wastewater treatment
Treatment cost (m3): 10.000 VNĐ/m3 According to supplier price; Input processing standards: C level; Output processing standards: B level
Solid waste disposal fee
According to supplier price
Preferential corporate income tax
Tax incentives in Economic Zones - Exemption 100 % for 4 Profitable years - Reduction 50% for 9 Subsequent years - 10% for first 15 years
Preferential import tax
Exemption from import tax - For goods which create fixed assets. - On raw materials, supplies and components that cannot be made domestically of investment projects in 05 years’ time.
VAT Deals
0% for export processing enterprises
More deals
Land rental tax -Exempted for 15 years

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General information
Lien Ha Thai (Green iP-1) Industrial Park, Thuy Lien Commune, Thai Thuy District, Thai Binh Province, Viet Nam.
Phone: 02432006921
The priority areas: High-tech industry, green-clean technology such as (Electronic and household appliances industry; automation and exact mechanics industry; automotive and electric cars industry and Supporting industry…) which do not affect the environment
Time began to come into operation: 08/02/2021
Uptime: 50 years
Industrial Investor
Company name: Green iPark corporation
Address:: Head office: 7th Floor , A Building, Sky Tower, No. 88 Lang Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi
Phone: 02432006921
Contact Us
Mr Bui The Long
General Director
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