VSIP Nghe An was established in 2015 with total area of 750ha, of which 370ha is for Industrial Park and 380ha is for Commercial and Residential. VSIP Nghe An is located only 2km to Vinh City, 4km to Vinh international airport and 15km to seaport and situated in Dong Nam SEZ which offers special CIT, Land rent charge exemption, Import tax exemption. With these advantages, VSIP Nghe An attracts diversified and environmental friendly industries such as E&E, Garment, F&B, Pharmaceutical, Hi-tech industries, Supporting industries, etc. and meets the demand of large-scale recruitment.
Geographical location
VSIP Nghe An has a strategic location. The industrial park is located in Nghe An Province which is a new manufacturing hub in the North Central Region Vietnam.
Soil conditions: Prepared land with fully connected infrastructure
Elevation above sea level: Approx. 4m
Weather condition: 4 seasons with the average temperature of 25 degree celsius. (rainy season often falls in Oct & Nov)
How the big city and how much Km: 2km
Distance to Central Province:
How much nearest airport Km: 4km
How much Railway Station Km: 3km
Distance to the nearest river port:
Nearest seaport how many km: 15km
Traffic road
Internal road system: Carriageway with reserve width of 27, 31 & 38m (02 lanes)
National Power System: 126 MVA; System backup generator: Available & supplied by EVN
Water volume: 40m3/ha/day
Wastewater treatment
Standard: By VSIP’s standard for permissible effluent concentration from Industries to VSIP sewer; Maximum treatment capacity: 24,000m3/day; Current treatment capacity: 6,000m3/day (module 1)
Garbage disposal
VSIP do not have waste treatment plant. VSIP outsoure to make daily domestic waste disposal. Tenants outsource to treat their production waste.
Training School
24/7 VSIP Nghe An Fire Fighting Station coordinate with Nghe An Fire Fighting Station.
Contact Information
Supplied by Vietnam Technology & Telecommunication JSC (VNTT)
Other add-ons
- VSIP offers service and dormitory land IP area; and various support to tenants, i.e., Customer Service Team support tenants from the startup stage with Licenses application (ERC & IRC) to their daily operational issues such as: recruitment, material suppliers, etc. Estate Management Team Provide 24-hour security & maintain common landscape, infrastructure and utilities in VSIP Nghe An; - Apart from developing IP, VSIP NA also develop Commercial & Residential (C&R) project on 380ha located c
Acreage & Status quo
Planning area
370 (ha)
Area available for rent
139.5 (ha)
Dormitory & Service land area: 9.5ha; Industrial land area: 130ha
Smallest leasable area
10000 (m2)
Rent cost: Upon Request (excluding VAT & Land rent charge); Minimum lease term: 50 years (2015 – 2065); Minimum leasing area: 1ha
Land lease
Management fee
1,595 VND/m2/month
Electricity price
water price
11,958 VND/m3
Cost of wastewater treatment
Treatment cost (m3): 5,707 VND/m3 (Based on 80% water consumption); Input processing standards: By VSIP’s standard for permissible effluent concentration from Industries to VSIP sewer; Output proces
Solid waste disposal fee
Domestic garbage disposal fee is included in Management fee. Tenants need to outsource to dispose Hazardous garbage.
Preferential corporate income tax
High Incentive for Special Economic Zone: CIT rate 10% for 15 years, 4 years free & 9 years 50% reduction since arising taxable income
Preferential import tax
0% for EPE. 5 years’ exemption for non EPE: Import Tax exempted for 5 years from 1st production day for materials, raw materials, semi- finished products which are not produced local.
VAT Deals
0% for EPE.
More deals
- Incentive on Land rent charge exempted for 11 years since Land Handover Decision to VSIP by Government. (IP Phase 1B: 2019 – 2030; IP Phase 2: 2021 – 2032). - Other incentives from Nghe An Authority: 1. Supporting policy for training for workers including training cost. 2. Supporting in advertising products for 03 days from the date the project comes into operation, investment enterprises are free to advertise their products on the province's mass media (NA Radio & Television Station & NA Newspaper). 3.Supporting in providing information and investment procedures in the preparation steps for investment project.

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General information
No. 8 Huu Nghi Road, VSIP Nghe An, Hung Tay Commune, Hung Nguyen District, Nghe An Province
Phone: (84.917) 31 18 18
Fax: (+84 – 238) 3 763 555
Website: www.vsip.com.vn
The priority areas: Light, Clean & High tech Industries such as: E&E, F&B, FMCG, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Automotive components, etc.
Time began to come into operation: 2015
Industrial Investor
Company name: VSIP Nghe An Ltd. Co – a member of VSIP Group.
Address:: No. 8 Huu Nghi Road, VSIP Nghe An, Hung Tay Commune, Hung Nguyen District, Nghe An Province.
Contact Us
Nguyen Thi Hong Anh (Ms.)
Senior Marketing Officer
(+84) 93 2345 188
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